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I didn't start “working on” my health until I was 38 years old ....


 My whole life I've been a "hustler" .. I was born and raised on the beautiful east end of Long Island, NY. My family owned and operated successful New York delicatessens and I grew up in a world where we woke up early, WORKED HARD, and where family came first.  My whole life I was an artist as well, and I have ALWAYS had a passion for animals: dogs in particular. Over the years I have been chasing all of my passions. I "slaved" in the delis and learned a LOT about how TO and how NOT TO run a business. I also learned how to cook starting at a young age. I went to college for fine art after graduating high school with a  scholarship to L.I.U Southampton, and, eventually I pursued my other love; and worked hard to become a very successful professional competitive dog trainer.


When I was 20 I was diagnosed with lupus but it never slowed me down, let alone stopped me from pursuing my passions. I was simply "too busy" to make health or fitness a priority during my teens,20's,30's ... 


In 2016 I was "smashed" by my sickness. My busy lifestyle and years of working too hard without ever considering self care caught up with me. I was 38 and just wanted to DIE. I won't bore you with all of the details .. let me just say, this was the lowest of low's in my lifetime.


One night (one of many I when was wide awake all night) I took out a notebook and wrote down what my "plan of attack" was going to be.  I wanted  to gain control of my life and re-define my sense of purpose.  I slowly began by educating myself about nutrition and when I was able to, I gradually began to workout and slowly increased my exercise routine using workout programs I did *AND STILL DO* at home!


Over the course of two years, (by the time I was 40) I had managed to kick all of the prescription medications (three of them) I was taking for anxiety/depression, chronic inflammation, and pain in my joints and nerves.

Around that same time I started to notice something else happening... my body was changing outside (shrinking and toning) while my sense of inner peace and my self confidence were growing and developing.

Eventually, I discovered that that greatest thing I could do .. was to SHARE this lifestyle and SHARE my story with other people with the hopes that I could inspire and motivate... maybe even put a little fire under the ass of someone who needs a push! And so today I am celebrating being a professional at my NEW passion as a health & fitness coach! 

42 years old, and I’m still learning ... still “failing forward” ... I still have hard days/ bad days /shitty days ... but over these past years I have proven to myself that it’s not about how many times I FALL ... it’s about how many times I GET BACK UP.

I’m working hard to continue to improve as a coach, a wife, a business owner, a friend, a dog “mom”, an aunt. Basically every day I work hard to better myself.

Rather than saying I “HAVE to” do a lot of things today ... I say I “GET to” do a lot of things today ... because I know what it feels like to not be physically or mentally able to SHOW up for the activities, jobs, chores, tasks, and people I love.

I might mention; those pills took me through a lot of painful times in life. For my personal journey... I chose to rely more on exercise and nutrition and less on pills for my health care as the side effects after years and years were seemingly playing an equal toll on me. This does not mean I am “against” RX medicines ... it simply means I am ALL for taking care of yourself !!!! Because I don’t believe there is a “Magic Pill” for anything ...

I still love training dogs and doing artwork I still WORK HARD. My self care comes first now however, without my health ... I understand today that NONE of the other passions, jobs, hobbies, or even people I love so much in the world can be enjoyed. Thank you for reading a little of my story. I hope you have found a bit of inspiration, nad if you want to join me, I'd be honored to have you on my team! ~ Danielle 

We Don't achieve our dreams alone. We must seek out and surround ourselves with the people who: INSPIRE, EDUCATE, MOTIVATE, & SUPPORT us. I'd like to say THANK YOU to these people who have helped me along my journey: MOM & DAD, JESSICA & JOSEPH, VINNY, GINNY, JILL, and my rock, my amazing husband, STEVE

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