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What is B.O.D ? 

Want to lose fat? Want to get in better shape? Maybe run that 5K for to help that charity you love?  Do you need to just become healthier overall? Whatever your goals may be, whatever your "WHY" is ... I would be honored to help you by becoming your coach! I am a COACH. The platform my team and I use for our workout programs is called B.O.D. (Beachbody On Demand). Using this limitless streaming service we can filter our workouts by type, time, trainer, and fitness level. 

How Does it Work? To access Beachbody On Demand on a laptop, tablet, or smartphone, go to Members can also stream Beachbody On Demand through a TV using Apple TV, Roku, Amazon Fire TV, and Chromecast, or via the Beachbody On Demand app for iOS and Android. Apple Watch users can stream their workouts on their iPhone or iPad, and Apple Watch will project real-time heart rate and caloric burn on those screens. 

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  • Private accountability groups on social platforms

  • Streaming workouts of all types

  • Printable PDF's and other downloadable support materials

  • Step by step calendars and schedules  


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Why Sign up for B.O.D with the SMASH SQUAD!?

  • ME !!!! As your COACH!!!! Seriously, If you know me you know Im a bit tough love, I drop a lot of TRUTH BOMBS, the occasional F-BOMB and I keep it real. My goal is to help each member succeed and I work hard to get to know each and every person on my team! 

  • Your membership with the SMASH SQUAD automatically gets you an invite to our private social media groups on Facebook for the lifetime of your enrollment. We help educate, inspire, motivate and support one another! 

  • As a SMASH SQUAD team member you have an opportunity to sign up at ANY time during the lifetime of your enrollment for speciality "challenges" where we have "daily check-ins" for an added layer of accountability when following specific programs. 

How it works

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