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"My Fitness journey is so much more than just for ME ... its for HIM 🐾❤️  and for US ... I want to be strong and have the energy and ability to run / jump / play ... COMPETE ... and feel good while doing these things! Be able to recover and avoid injury ... and.. keep up with my best friend (who happens to have fur)." ~ Coach Danielle 

Fox Red Labrador

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After spending all of my adult life as a dog trainer and canine enthusiast, it was a natural combination to put together my passion for canine athletes with my passion for living a healthy lifestyle. 

Over the past few years "Big Lou" and I have run a lot of races together and we train together as much as we can! BY FAR ... our favorite event is the US Canine Biathlon in Aniston AL. each year! (disclaimer - I am not professionally affiliated with this race I am just a HUGE fan!). In 2018 we finished 19th in our division of 448 civilian female runners. In 2019... 10th of 432! 

At this time I am working on creating a health and fitness package/ program designed to help you train with and if you choose to .. COMPETE with your best friend with fur! Please get on my email list to be sure you dont miss out when the new program launch is announced!