"Regular exercise paired with clean eating will change your HEALTH; Im living proof! Better quality sleep, more self confidence & energy, clearer skin, less brain fog, oh YEA the other side-effect? A pant size drop! Let's face it, we all struggle with periods of self-doubt, have busy schedules, and we all give in to .....excuses, excuses, and more excuses. In 2018 I started the SMASH SQUAD in an effort to help myself stay more on track. Today we have over 100 team members and, we all help each other through those low times. Yell it out !!!!  Watch Me Smash This !!" ~ Danielle 

Ready To Take Control?


In life there are very FEW things we actually have control of.


The little things happen; water pipes burst, dogs poops on the carpets,  car keys go "missing" as we are on the way  out of the door. 


Th big things happen too;  we say our final good-byes to loved ones & pets, family dynamics get altered, jobs get lost, and accidents happen.  


Having an on-line support group like the SMASH SQUAD helps us stay on track when it comes to TAKING CONTROL of the few things we can;

  • Eating & Drinking

  • Moving

  • Self care routines


The SMASH SQUAD was created so that people with the similar goals can help each other with motivation, fun challenges, tips, and tricks to stay on task!

To offer your best, You must be;

Your Best Self.


Do you think you need to give ALL of your time to your job, your family, your home?


Truth-bomb: WRONG!


You Need to give time to YOU. Without your health you can't enjoy all the people and activities in life you cherish.

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Danielle is the most motivating and inspirational coach I have worked with! Her dedication to her team, "The Smash Squad", is unparalleled.


~ Laurel from NY.



Danielle and the Smash Squad have been instrumental in motivating me, teaching me about fitness and healthy eating. Being part of the group has helped  me establish the habits needed for real life change.


I've lost 20 lbs and have seen the inches melt away from my arms, legs, and waist.  This program is the perfect mixture of supportive and tough love!


~ Karen from VA.


" Prior to becoming a health and fitness coach, I was a professional canine trainer and competitor for more than 20 years.


Over the years I have made made life long friends and built an amazing reputation in the world of dog sports. I am so proud and so humbled. I believe that following every passion in my life is the path I am meant to be on.


Often those paths intertwine and cross over one another.  My business name and motto "WATCH ME SMASH THIS," also happens to be the registered of my very special dog; BlackFoot's Watch Me Smash This, JH CGC "BIG LOU" !  ~ Coach Danielle 


"I am what I do today, Not what I say I will start doing tomorrow."

What's Your WHY???


Are you a MOM or DAD? Aunt or Uncle? Do you have a little one or ones in your life?


Being with my nieces and nephews this always makes me feel even more motivated to stay on track with my healthy lifestyle journey.


Not only do I want to have the energy and stamina to maintain my "Coolest Aunt Ever" status for many more years ... but more than anything, I want to live a life that encourages these awesome kids to want to grow up  healthy and fit too!

Your Only Competition: 
is You.


I call my accountability and participation groups challenge groups, but its important to realize that everyday each person is only ever in competition with themselves.

It’s easy to compare ourselves to our neighbors, friends, co-workers, family members. As the lead coach of the SMASH SQUAD one of my main goals is to remind my team that we are all part of these challenges for the same reason: to become better versions of ourselves. 

Our groups focus on nutrition and exercise ... sure but the support goes beyond the home gym. We focus on self care, self LOVE and personal development. 


As a busy mom of 4, I thought working out everyday was going to be impossible (I don’t have free time), but this has made it easy with just promising 30 minutes per day to myself!


These programs have been life savers for me getting my pre-babies body back, but most importantly my health!

Danielle goes above and beyond as coach! I would recommend joining the SMASH SQUAD to everyone I know

~ Rebecca from CT.